15 09, 2021

Methane Emission Reduction Benefits More Than the Environment

Sep 15, 2021|Categories: Corporate, Energy|Tags: CNG, EPA, legislation, Methane

The goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions while meeting the United States’ fuel and energy needs is difficult, but not impossible, to attain. Many of the country’s largest oil and gas producers are making efforts to stay ahead of stringent federal requirements governing methane, which is both an abundant source of energy as well as a potent planet-warming gas.

14 05, 2020

PSI Engines Power Gillette Generators’ Natural Gas Power Systems

May 14, 2020|Categories: Energy|Tags: 32L, Energy, Gillette Generator, natural gas, power generation, PSIX, Weichai

PSI’s 32-liter engine played a major role in helping an OEM supply a customer with the power it needed. In 2019, Gillette Generator Inc. equipped 10 natural gas generators with the engine to serve a customer who had difficulty receiving timely and affordable power from its local utility provider.

14 06, 2019

PSI Teams Band Together to Complete Enchanted Rock Project

Jun 14, 2019|Categories: Energy|Tags: 22L, CNG, demand response, Enchanted Rock, microgrid

Welders, assemblers, engineers, testers, fabricators and other personnel from PSI’s Darien, Wis., facility and beyond recently united to complete a large microgrid and demand response project in Texas. PSI in May completed warranty field retrofit work on 470 power generation units for client Enchanted Rock, a Houston-based provider of utility-grade backup power to retail stores and other customers.

17 01, 2017

PSI Signs Mutually Exclusive Supply Agreement with Enchanted Rock

Jan 17, 2017|Categories: Energy|Tags: 3PI, Enchanted Rock, microgrid, Professional Power Products

Power Solutions International, Inc. (PSI) (NASDAQ:PSIX), and its subsidiary Professional Power Products, Inc. (3Pi), today announced that it has signed a major multi-year supply agreement with the premier U.S. microgrid provider Enchanted Rock, Ltd. (ERock). The agreement is valued at approximately $240 to $335 million over the first five years.

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