Employee Notice – COVID-19 outbreak and Illinois Stay at Home order

To all employees,

Although the information is new and not all details are available, as an Essential Business and Operation that supports Essential Infrastructure, PSI will remain open and maintain operations through the State of Illinois’ “Stay at Home” order effective March 21 through April 7.

Employees are authorized to leave their homes or place of residence to operate Essential Businesses and Operations. Office employees who are now working remotely should continue to do so. If you are currently working in the office and your duties can be performed remotely, please work from home.

At PSI, we have responded swiftly to the crisis taking certain measures in line with current guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler have announced the closing of certain plants for a deep cleaning to protect their employees.  PSI has studied their plans and we have launched a similar program.  Beginning Friday, March 20th  to Sunday, March 22nd all of our facilities will be closed for disinfecting. The materials for cleaning are in place and the operations team has developed a comprehensive plan to keep us safe.

We will continue to support our customers, which are also a part of Essential Infrastructure industry. The President’s COVID-19 Guidelines for America state that companies working in an Essential Infrastructure industry as defined by the Department of Homeland Security have a special responsibility to remain in operation. These sectors include healthcare and public health, critical manufacturing, and food and agriculture.

Updated information may also be found on our website at www.psiengines.com.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts.

John P. Miller
Chief Executive Officer