PSI’s Darien office is working on multiple jobs for Interstate.

PSI’s Darien, Wis., facility credits its recent successful completion of a major contract to its implementation of lean manufacturing systems and processes. In early July, the facility shipped the last of 15 custom packages to client Interstate PowerSystems. The 3000 kw packages will provide backup power for a data center in the Chicago area.

Interstate PowerSystems awarded the Darien facility the contract for 17  packages in 2016. The first two units were completed that year, with the remaining contracted for delivery in 2019.

The Darien staff began work on the units in early February.

The 55’ L x 12’ W x 20’H, 115,000 lb custom packages included:

  • MTU On Site Energy DS3000 20V4000 generator set 3000 kW @ 480VAC
  • GE Custom switchboard w/a 5000A Drawout breaker
  • PSI Energy Design Enclosure to reduce sound to 75dBA at 23′ – free field – multipoint average
  • A myriad of customized, high-complexity options

Fabrication and assembly of the packages were performed on an accelerated timetable. Each unit required 11 weeks to build, test and ship; this is less than half of the anticipated time of 24 weeks per unit.

The Darien facility stressed the lean manufacturing systems and processes of total people involvement, cross-training of employees and material planning processes during the project. Patrick Capuson, PSI’s head of engine manufacturing and production, introduced lean processes to the facility in late 2018. In addition, Darien Group Leader Ramon Guevara and Shift Leader of Plant Operations Wanden Zittlow guided the work of the plant staff.

The project is already proving to be a significant one for the Darien facility. In addition to being successful on a financial level, the project demonstrates the strategic strengths of the facility and PSI as a whole. Our fast response time and emphasis on lean are earning a positive response and renewing interest in our custom packaging services from potential customers, the Darien facility notes.