PSI Softball League Champions Dusters.

Dusters earned a 9-6 championship victory over Hittin’ Dingers on September 19 in the eight-week fifth-annual PSI softball league.

Dusters, who concluded their championship run with an 8-1 win-loss record, earned 131 runs and only allowed 52 runs in the nine games they played this season. The team included Captain David Frank, Mark Coticchio, Jon Moody, Daniel Cleary, Kevin Leparski, Andreas Mastoracos, Chad Meeks, Jeremy Villarde, John Sager, James Bartholomew, Roberto Guzman, Matt Penning, Charlie Bootsmiller, Chris Guzik, Eric Lim, Henry Cervantes, Robert Hasse and Konrad Polak.

The runner-up team was Hittin’ Dingers, who finished with a 7-2 win-loss record. They earned 151 runs and allowed 82 runs. Players who represented Hittin’ Dingers were Team Captain David Ungar, Rob Gomez, Pat Stockwell, Jacob Deckinga, Kevin Kendzierski, Tim O’Keefe, Julian Luna, Maurilio Marquez, Ryan Gallagher, Steve Gnoffo, Xavier Villaruel, Javier Hernandez, Hani Elayan, Carmen Villegas, and Greg Wanek.

An hour prior to the championship game in the semifinals, Dusters stomped on to a 26-7 victory over the Slammers while Hittin’ Dingers easily earned a 20-3 win over the Outsiders. In conclusion of the 2019 season behind Dusters and Hittin’ Dingers, Outsiders and Slammers earned third and fourth place with respective 4-4 win-loss records. Behind the top four were The Avengers (4-3) at fifth place, the Giants (3-4) at sixth place, Thunder (1-6) at seventh place and PSI Runnerz (0-7) at eighth place.