Navistar’s IC Bus featured PSI products at their booth during the STN EXPO conference and trade show.

PSI’s products were featured by Navistar’s IC Bus during the STN EXPO conference and trade show July 30-31 in Reno, Nev. IC Bus displayed a PSI 8.8-liter engine with both gasoline and propane configurations, showcasing the features of each and demonstrating the ease of service using each fuel type.

PSI’s 8.8-liter engine offers IC Bus uncompromised power and performance, emissions certification, fuel flexibility and compatibility with Allison transmissions. “We are excited to continue to support our customer IC Bus, who has been a great partner. Our 8.8-liter gasoline engine is unmatched in power and performance in the industry and we are pleased with its continued growth,” PSI CEO John Miller says.

PSI’s presence at Navistar’s STN Expo booth reflects the strong relationship between the two companies. IC Bus first produced a bus powered by PSI’s 8.8-liter propane engine in 2015, and the first bus with PSI’s 8.8-liter gasoline engine was released in 2018.

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