Golden Dragon Bus launched a gasoline version of its flagship XML6700 minibus powered by a PSI 4.8-liter engine.

Power Solutions International today announced that Golden Dragon Bus has launched a gasoline version of its flagship XML6700 minibus, powered by a PSI 4.8-liter engine.

Golden Dragon Bus showcased the new product at the recent China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks & Components 2017, where it won the show’s “Best Business Bus Award.”

Xiamen Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd is a US $1.7-billion company, with over 4,000 employees. It is one of the top bus manufacturers in China, based on annual output, range of products and sales volume. Based in Xiamen City, China, the company is one of three subsidiaries of King Long Motor Co., Ltd.

Golden Dragon introduced the XML6700 in 1997, as China’s first 7-meter minibus. The company has sold 40,000 diesel units since then and ranks as the top seller in the China market for this popular segment, at annual sales of 3,000 units. With the recent focus in China on stronger emission standards, the company debuted the cleaner-running gasoline version of the XML6700 in April of this year.

According to Golden Dragon, the gasoline XML6700 not only offers lower emissions that meet China IV Gasoline Heavy Duty regulations, but also superior performance, easy maintenance compared to diesel models, and quieter operation. The slender design coupled with PSI’s customized powertrain delivers 200kw of power at 5200 rpm and 380 nm at 4400 rpm, enabling 0-100-kilometer acceleration in 25 seconds.

The new minibus is the result of a late-2015 development deal between PSI and Golden Dragon, through which PSI provides and integrates customized gasoline powertrains utilizing GM 4.8-liter, V-8 engines and GM 6L90 automatic transmissions into the new XML6700.

“We’re very excited about moving this innovative product to market,” said Dan M. Dun, PSI’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “The recognition it received at the expo demonstrates both the level of quality and the commitment of our partnership with Golden Dragon to meet the changing needs of the market. As users continue to look for alternatives to diesel, we’re ready for the opportunities to come.”

Gasoline engines represent one strategy that OEMs in China are adopting in response to the increased costs and complexity associated with diesel, as well as to government efforts to reduce pollution levels by adopting emission standards in line with those in Europe.