Gillette Generator’s 540kw prime-rated PR-5400 generator is powered by PSI’s 32-liter engine.

PSI’s 32-liter engine played a major role in helping an OEM supply a customer with the power it needed. In 2019, Gillette Generators equipped 10 natural gas generators with the engine to serve a customer who had difficulty receiving timely and affordable power from its local utility provider.

The 32L engine is at the heart of Gillette’s 540kw prime-rated PR-5400 generator, which also includes Stamford Generator ends, Basler HD 2020 Synchronizing controllers and ABB motorized circuit breakers. The generators were shipped to a large cannabis customer in southern California.

PSI’s engine was also paired with heavy-duty, three-way catalyst systems designed and installed by Gillette in partnership with Miratech Corporation, a world-class emission control device manufacturer. The combination of PSI’s EPA-certified 32L engine and the catalyst system ensured the customer could pass and exceed strict state and regional emissions requirements.

During discussions with its client, Gillette provided technical expertise and engineering support and suggested smaller paralleled power generating systems with two separate service panels feeding different parts of the customer’s facility. The generators were placed in two banks of five units each, which provides sufficient power for load demands while also giving the customer redundancy and allowing it to only run the generators it needs. Gillette also provided start-up and synchronization assistance, technical support and training.

Standby or prime systems with multiple generator sets powered by PSI’s 32L engine provide Gillette’s customer with several advantages including enhanced reliability and availability, operational flexibility, fuel savings, convenient maintenance scheduling, and easier system expansion.

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