PSI’s 21.9L engine

Two of PSI’s proven natural gas engines recently received an upgrade in performance. New high-output versions of our 14.6-liter and 21.9-liter natural gas-powered engines with improved power ratings are now available for production.

The high-output 14.6-liter engine can reach a maximum 350 kWe (400 kWm) at 1800 rpm, above the maximum power rating of 300 kWe (340 kWm) for the standard version of the same engine. The new high-output 21.9-liter engine has a maximum power rating of 500 kwe (570 kWm) at 1800 rpm, above its standard maximum power rating of 450 kwe (510 kWm). The standard versions of the 14.6- and 21.9-liter engines remain available to customers.

The new natural gas high-output engines are EPA certified for emergency standby applications in the Energy Market.

PSI’s engineering department made a number of improvements to each engine to boost their maximum power ratings and have been validated through rigorous reliability and durability testing.

The addition of high-output 14.6- and 21.9-liter engines to PSI’s product portfolio allows the company to provide a more cost effective solution to the emergency standby market by replacing larger engines for the 350kW and 500kW nodes. These industry leading, power-dense engines strengthen PSI’s overall product portfolio from 25kW to 1250kW in the natural gas standby market.

Download the Product Spotlight:

Product Spotlight – 14.6 and 21.9L engines