PSI launched its new heavy-duty, natural gas engine family at the POWER-GEN International Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

Power Solutions International, Inc. today announced the launch of an entirely new heavy-duty, natural gas engine family at the POWER-GEN International Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

The line is purpose-built for power generation and features four new engines: 32-liter, 39-liter, 53-liter and 65-liter models. The new family will cover an expanded natural gas-fueled power range of 500 kWe to 1.25 MW.

“PSI has always led the way in innovation and technology in the gas space and this year is no different,” said John Miller, PSI’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The new, expanded product line we’re unveiling at POWER-GEN is best-in-class in technology and power density and the most competitive in its power range.”

All four of PSI’s new natural gas engines will be US EPA-certified. The 32-liter engine on display at POWER-GEN is rated at 500-650 kWe and will be available January 2018. The 65-liter engine, rated at 1000-1250 kWe, will be available in 2020. The 39-liter and 53-liter engines are rated at 600 kWe and 800-1000 kWe, respectively. Both of these options will be available in the summer of 2018.

In addition to the two new Heavy-Duty engines, PSI displayed its all-new, higher KW rated 2.4-liter, 3.0-liter, 4.3-liter, 8.8-liter and 21.9-liter engines.

“We’re excited to showcase the fruit of our new collaboration with Weichai at this year’s POWER-GEN,” said Miller. “The synergies in products, technologies and disciplines that this partnership brings together is enabling us both to build a stronger organization.”

PSI entered a strategic investment and collaboration agreement with Weichai earlier this year. According to Sherman Sun, Executive Director and Executive President at Weichai and PSI’s Chairman of the Board, PSI now has access to Weichai’s international manufacturing facilities and supply chain network, as both organizations look to share best practices and capitalize on their strengths in engine research and development, manufacturing capabilities, procurement, and distribution.