GM featured specialty vehicles and engines fueled by PSI propane engines at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

Power Solutions International, Inc. is excited to announce that its alternatively fueled General Motors (GM) specialty vehicles and engines will be featured at the NTEA Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, March 15-17.

PSI is highlighting a GM Silverado 2500 crew cab pickup powered by its 6.0-liter compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system. The vehicle will participate in the show’s Ride-and-Drive program March 15-16. In addition, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) will feature two PSI products at its booth (#5591): a propane-fueled (LPG) GM Silverado 2500, powered by a PSI 6.0-liter engine using a Bi-Phase fuel system, and a PSI 8.8-liter propane engine used in applications like Navistar’s IC School Bus and TICO terminal tractors.

“We’ve built a solid track record in alternative-fuel transportation, working across a broad range of fuels and applications for industry leaders like GM, as well as with organizations like PERC,” said Jeremy Lessaris, VP of Marketing & Communications.

The two modified Silverado vehicles on display at the Work Truck Show are products of a November 2016 agreement under which General Motors (GM) selected PSI to be its alternative-fuel specialty vehicle modifier in North America.

The agreement authorizes PSI to perform alternative-fuel conversions, including CNG and LPG options, on a range of GM specialty vehicles for fleet, commercial and retail markets. Specifically, these vehicles include Silverado and Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD trucks, Express and Savana passenger vans, cargo vans, commercial cutaways, and low cab forward 3500HD and 4500HD trucks.

Mr. Lessaris noted that PSI has continually adapted to new market opportunities in order to become a vertically integrated provider, capable of meeting all of a fleet’s alternative-fuel engine needs. The company has invested and developed its own proprietary, certified CNG on-road fuel systems and engine controls. It has also bolstered its on-road position by purchasing Bi-Phase Technologies in order to take advantage of the company’s patented leak-proof injector technology for propane systems.

Lessaris explained that alternative-fuel conversions are increasingly attractive for a growing number of fleets with sustainability goals and commitments, businesses in states with clean-energy incentives like California, and sectors such as utilities, which have invested in alternative-fuel infrastructure. PSI’s high-performance 6.0-liter and 8.8-liter power systems are capable of fulfilling the power, efficiency, emissions and fuel-flexibility demands of such fleets for a wide variety of applications.