PSI’s Darien facility recently celebrated the shipment of its 1000th unit to Enchanted Rock.

PSI recently shipped its 1,000th power generation unit to Enchanted Rock, a Houston, Texas-based provider of utility-grade backup power to commercial and industrial customers.

Enchanted Rock uses power generation units produced by PSI in demand response and microgrid applications to supplement or replace grid-supplied power during power outages. The power generation package pairs a 21.9-liter natural gas engine with an alternator, cooling system and housings. The engine is dressed and assembled in the 1465 facility and then shipped to the plant in Darien, Wis., where enclosure fabrication, final assembly and testing are performed. The final package is roughly 8-feet by 10-feet by 10-feet in size.

“This shipment is quite an achievement for both companies,” PSI CEO John Miller said. “We highly value our relationship with Enchanted Rock. Serving the demand response and microgrid markets continues to be a very important part of our growth strategy.”

The 21.9-liter engine is currently rated at 400 kWe for limited time running (LTR) and 448 kWe for emergency standby applications. The design of the Enchanted Rock power generation package was developed through the collaborative efforts of PSI’s engineering and test teams.

PSI and Enchanted Rock entered into a multi-year supply agreement in 2017. Today, the units Enchanted Rock receives from PSI are used at a variety of locations including manufacturing plants, retail stores, healthcare centers and water infrastructure.

Enchanted Rock recently announced that it will provide power resiliency for energy provider ComEd’s Bronzeville Community Microgrid project on Chicago’s south side. The project is scheduled for completion in 2022.