PSI in May completed warranty field retrofit work on 470 power generation units for Enchanted Rock, a Houston-based utility-grade backup power provider.

Welders, assemblers, engineers, testers, fabricators and other personnel from PSI’s Darien, Wis., facility and beyond recently united to complete a large microgrid and demand response project in Texas.

PSI in May completed warranty field retrofit work on 470 power generation units for client Enchanted Rock, a Houston-based provider of utility-grade backup power to retail stores and other customers. Enchanted Rock’s power generation units are powered by PSI’s 22-liter natural gas engines, each of which provides 400 kw.

PSI has provided power generation packages to Enchanted Rock that include engines as well as alternators, cooling systems and housings since December 2016. Fabrication and assembly of these packages are performed by the Darien staff.

The retrofit project – which began in December 2018 – included adding secondary catalysts to each unit’s exhaust system allowing Enchanted Rock to meet strict emissions standards. PSI also welded connection points within the exhaust system, making the system more robust. PSI’s Kevin Leparski, D.H. Jerome and several members of the engineering team in the Itasca (1465) facility sourced and tested the secondary catalysts and developed the welding method used to secure the exhaust system in place. Previously, exhaust system connections were secured by bolts; welding the connections together prevents potential leaks.

Each exhaust system contains two lower and two upper catalyst assemblies. The lower catalyst assemblies were fabricated, tested and welded at each generator site in Texas. PSI worked mainly in the greater Houston area as well as in Corpus Christi, Dallas and San Angelo, Texas.

Several PSI staff members went to Texas for more than four months to work on the project including Field Service Coordinator Jennifer Glab; welders Kevin Juhnke and Adrial White; fabricator Jonathon Yearton; assemblers Jose Galarza and Ryan Hughes; and field service technicians Alfonso De La Torre and Fernando Diaz. Other staffers on site included testers Cameron Whalen and Steven Lebron; trainer Brian Helmeid; assemblers Cristian Huerta and John Cloud; and Jay Head of maintenance.

Many staffers who remained in the Darien office also contributed to the project including the welding and testing team, which welded and pressure tested the upper catalyst assemblies; and the shipping/receiving team, which made sure the assemblies were sent to Texas securely and on time. Other Darien employees who played a critical role in the project’s success included Lindsey Richardson and Brianna Jerome, who helped finalize expenses and labor for the workers on site.

Ultimately, the project is a testament to the ability of PSI’s teams to come together to successfully complete a job regardless of the offices or departments they worked in. PSI’s work on the project benefited and impressed the client, who witnessed first-hand our ability to perform jobs ahead of schedule and exceed expectations.