A complete control and fuel system solution that gives customers more
power, performance and control to fuel the future of their products.

Advanced controls and fuel systems are at the heart of every great powertrain. Pulse™ incorporates engine control technologies and fuel systems to deliver fuel-flexible, emission-conscious, high-performance power that lasts. We bring more than just proven componentry, however - our years of application and calibration experience enable us to go beyond integration to add value to our customers' products and applications.

Fuel Systems

With a heritage dating back than 40 years Pulse fuel systems continue to be ahead of the industry by enabling our customers to select the fuel that matters most to them. Pulse fuel systems include automotive quality injectors for gasoline and natural gas as well as our patented leak-proof injector - formerly known as Bi-Phase that is specifically designed for propane. All Pulse systems are EPA and CARB certified and undergo rigorous testing and validation to deliver repeatable quality.


The Pulse controls platform incorporates several proven industry-leading technologies. Our control modules ensure communication within our engines across multiple fuels and drive superior performance by integrating and coordinating all critical engine functions including governor, variable ignition timing, air fuel ratio control, exhaust temperature monitoring and overall engine protection. The Pulse controls strategy gives our customers the flexibility to customize controls to meet specific applications, add value to their products, and get to market faster.

Fuel Flexibility

Pulse's fuel-flexible strategy enables customers to run their application on a wide variety of fuels and in range of BTUs at both high and low pressure, a capability that distinguishes PSI in the marketplace.


Pulse helps OEMs build a bridge toward cleaner fuel alternatives by bringing back big-block gasoline engines that have the power and durability of comparable diesel engines, but are not subject to the same stringent regulations.


Bi-Phase has been a recognized leader in propane injection fuel systems for more than 40 years. Since its acquisition by PSI in 2015, the technology has become a vital part of the alternative fuel strategy for bus and truck manufacturers.


Pulse enables customers to take advantage of cleaner, cost-effective, domestically produced fuels while using a single control platform. Pulse’s fuel-flexible strategy gives customers an alternative fuel platform that meets stringent global emission regulations. In addition, the Pulse fuel injection system offers consistent engine operation in low and high pressures.


The Advanced Controls Emission System (ACES) within Pulse is specifically designed for wellhead gas and other non-commercial gaseous fuels. The system can detect the type of fuel in the engine and recalibrate for smoother operation, an ability that makes it unique in the marketplace.

Our Markets

Pulse is the culmination of PSI’s years of experience in advanced engineering and technology integration.
The platform is incorporated into the engine design and purpose-built for applications in end markets including:


Our rich-burn and lean-burn engines are developed from the block up to provide reliable and durable power and can produce a wide range of BTUs and work in low or high-pressure applications including power generation.


Pulse’s EControls components provide advanced engine control technology to users of industrial equipment running on CNG, LNG, propane, diesel and gasoline.


Pulse is at the heart of PSI’s specialty vehicle modifier (SVM) program, which provides alternative fuel conversions on vehicles equipped with specialized GM 6.0-liter V8 engines. We are the only authorized alternative fuel SVM partner to GM in North America.

Our Technology Partnerships

Pulse combines the best available controls and fuel systems technologies with PSI's years of integration and calibration experience. The platform incorporates technologies from the following brands:

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