65 Liter Diesel

Model Number 65 Liter Diesel
Displacement 65.4 liters
Compression Ratio 15:01
Bore & Stroke 5.91 in x 7.28 in (150 mm x 185 mm)
Fuel Type DIESEL
Direction of Rotation Counter-clockwise viewed on flywheel
SAE J1995 rated following PASI Specification with a tolerance of +/-5%. Power and torque values are based on standard assumptions. kWe values are based on standard assumptions for mechanical and electrical losses. Ratings and performance are solely for reference only and subject to site conditions and PSI application and ratings guidelines. The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the final product. All information is subject to change without notice.
60 Hz (1800 RPM)
Rating Fuel kWe kWm
Standby Diesel 2000 2230
  • Cast iron cylinder block with inspection door per cylinder
  • Cast iron cylinder liners, wet type and replaceable valves guides and seats
  • Separate cast iron cylinder heads equipped with four valves
  • Hardened steel forged crankshaft with induction hardened journals, crankpins and radius
  • High temperature circuit with gear driven two coolant pump
  • Low temperature circuit with belt driven one coolant pump
  • Lube oil cooled light alloy pistons with high performance piston rings
  • SAE 0 flywheel housing and 18” flywheel
  • Heat shield for exhaust manifold and turbocharger
  • The two compressors feed a single water-air intercooler, mounted over the flywheel housing, with vertical flow
  • Air filter with cast iron shell installed on the cylinder head
  • 24V electric starter motor in parallel and battery charging alternator
  • Electric oil pump, pre-lubricated to ensure good startability
  • Lube oil purifier with replaceable cartridge
  • High temperature water cooled lube oil cooler
  • High pressure common rail system with one high pressure pump gear driven in the V angle of cylinder block
  • Three-level filter integrate water separation filter with electric fuel pump
Length 181.5 4,611
Width 108.5 2,756
Height 113 2,870


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