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Power Solutions International’s cutting-edge solutions provide peak performance, reliability and efficiency to our OEM customers. We proudly partner with you to drive the success of your products every step of the way.


PSI’s manufacturing and engineering staff are experts in not only building engines, but also in understanding the specific applications they will power. Our engineering team gives us the know-how we need to both continuously improve our products as well as help our customers repower their machines with our solutions.

We bring a vast amount of application design and design engineering experience to each application and provide a total value-added power solution to OEMs across several industries. PSI’s cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce high volumes of engines at a consistent, repeatable quality that exceeds industry standards and customer expectations.

We offer a complete line of emission-certified industrial engines and serve as the Manufacturer of Record for all our engines. PSI assumes all legislative duties related to certification, enabling customers to focus solely on their products.

Power Solutions

Reliable, economical power when you need it most.

Durable, fuel-flexible solutions for rugged applications.

Maintaining emission standards while maintaining power, performance and reliability.

Helping manufacturers navigate the world of electrification.

Our Brands

A world-class telecommunications tool that helps companies remain profitable by providing critical data about their operating assets.

A PTO clutch made from heavy-duty truck components and designed for rugged industrial side-load applications such as wood chippers.