Powering Leading Equipment Manufacturers Around the Globe

Power Solutions International, Inc. (PSI) is a leading manufacturer of
emissions-certified powertrains specializing in customized and
fully integrated turnkey solutions for leading global equipment
manufacturers in the industrial, transportation and energy markets.

  • $546M2019 SALES

PSI’s comprehensive engine portfolio includes displacements ranging from .97 liter to 65 liters, which are enabled by advanced controls to run on a wide variety of fuels including natural gas, propane, gasoline, diesel and biofuels.

Our powertrain products are used across the transportation industry, including Class 2 through Class 7 trucks, school and transit buses, terminal tractors, and various other vocational vehicles for the North American and Asian markets.

PSI’s industrial power systems are used worldwide in stationary and mobile power generation applications supporting emergency/standby, prime, distributed generation, demand response and co-generation power (CHP) applications. PSI’s engines also serve industrial applications that include material handling, pumps, compressors, agricultural and construction equipment.

Our Facilities

PSI’s facilities are housed in one million square feet of engineering, assembly, operations and distribution space split up across seven facilities and employing roughly 1,000 people. We are positioned to meet the high production volumes of our customers with added capacity for future growth.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We can produce high volumes of engines at a consistent, repeatable quality that exceeds
automotive-grade standards and customer expectations.

Cutting-Edge Tools

PSI’s high-volume, precision machining center uses eight CNC machines to maximize product performance and durability. The flexible and agile block line can be repurposed to adjust to customer demand.

Quality Processes

Our quality control processes include CMM measurement and testing, and key metrics within each production area are tracked at regular intervals. All engine blocks undergo rigorous prep processes and testing to ensure their durability and prevent issues that could cause damage.

Assembly Solutions

PSI’s manufacturing processes and technologies enable us to produce high volumes of engines at a consistent, repeatable quality. Our production lines use industry-standard hot and cold testing and an electronic Kanban pull system, as well as automated foot pedals that ensure no-fault forward, zero-fault assembly.

Our History


William Winemaster, a vice president of marketing for Perkins, moves to the United States to become president of the global diesel and gas engine manufacturer’s North American operations.


William and his sons, Gary and Ken Winemaster, establish Perkins Great Lakes, a four-state Perkins dealership. The new company produces 150 diesel engines during its first year in business.


Perkins Great Lakes changes its name to Power Great Lakes (PGL) and establishes North American distribution agreements with Perkins and Detroit Diesel Corp.


PGL expands its territory to 12 states and increases the size of its manufacturing footprint from 15,000 to 50,000 square feet.


Power Solutions Inc. (PSI) is established as a global distributor of General Motors (GM) industrial engines.


PSI begins providing engines to industrial chipper industry OEMs. The company also launches Auto Clutch, a proprietary heavy-duty clutch it acquired that year.


The company signs an exclusive agreement with E-CONTROLS for electronic engine management systems. PSI begins working with forklift OEMs, producing 13,000 engines; and opens new market opportunities following changes in national off-highway emissions regulations.


Power Great Lakes and PSI expand their operations to 150,000 square feet in Wood Dale, Ill.


PSI begins doing business in the aerial platform industry.


PSI earns its first engine certification, on a 1.6-liter engine, and becomes certified for its 3.0-liter multiport fuel injector. The company also launches its Six Sigma program.


The company reaches 40,000 engines sold and is named by General Motors (GM) as its largest industrial engine supplier. PSI also expands its facilities to 240,000 square feet and earns ISO 9000 certification.


PSI creates a natural gas engine ranging from 8-liters to 22-liters. The company also acquires the MasterTrak telematics company from Bosch.


Power Solutions International goes public under the ticker symbol PSIX and enters the transportation market with the launch of its own 8.8-liter engine, which it designed and manufactures internally.


PSI’s 2.0-liter and 2.4-liter forklift engines earn EPA and CARB certification.


The company acquires Professional Power Products, a Darien, Wis.-based generator set production facility.


PSI makes additional facility and technology acquisitions, including Buck’s Engines, a manufacturer of alternative fuel engines for industrial markets; Powertrain Integration, an alternative fuel powertrain manufacturer; and Bi-Phase Technologies, a fuel injection system provider.


The company enters into a strategic collaboration with Weichai.


PSI acquires its Engine Development Center (EDC) in Burr Ridge, Ill., from Ricardo Inc. The EDC adds to the company’s technical testing capabilities. Also, PSI certifies its 32-liter and 40-liter engines.

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