PSI is excited to announce its diesel engine line is now approved for the use of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO).

The approval is a significant step in PSI’s efforts to offer more sustainable fuel options to its customers. HVO, a renewable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel, is produced from waste sources, primarily residue oils and fats such as used cooking oil. These materials are kept out of the waste stream, resulting in a high-quality fuel with a significantly lower carbon footprint or environmental impact. Almost any diesel engine can run on the fuel without modification.

PSI’s diesel engines feature a reliable, durable design built off a robust marine platform and combine consistent performance and power density with minimum weight. Like all of PSI’s power generation products, the engines are fitted with the company’s advanced fuel and emission control systems, which are designed to provide application-specific performance.

PSI’s diesel engine portfolio includes 20-, 26-, 40-, 53-, 65-, 66- and 88-liter engines with a power range of 600 to 3300 kWe (670 to 3600 kWm). Our diesel line is EPA certified for stationary power generation applications including emergency power, wastewater treatment, oil and gas exploration and other industrial uses. In addition, the engines can handle critical customer operations in the healthcare, data center, hospitality and transportation industries.