PSI successfully completed a customer training program on its Lithium Ion Battery Product the week of April 8 in the California facility of one of our largest industrial original engine manufacturing (OEM) customers. Spearheaded by PSI Head Trainer Chris Roberts and supported by Eric Fowler, vice president of service and warranty, this initiative marks a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The training was meticulously designed to cover all facets of our Lithium Ion Battery Product, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and proficiency in its application. Key topics addressed during the week included:

  • Battery Basics and Common Names:  Introduction to essential battery concepts and terminology, laying the foundation for advanced topics.
  • Introduction to PSI Li-Ion Battery Product:  An overview of the product, highlighting its unique features and advantages in the market.
  • Safety Information:  Critical safety guidelines and precautions for handling, operating, and maintaining the battery systems.
  • Component Identification:  Detailed breakdown of the product components, enhancing familiarity and ease of reference.
  • Operating Information:  Instructions and best practices for optimal operation of the battery systems.
  • Theory of Operation:  Insight into the technical workings of the batteries, fostering a deeper understanding of their functionality.
  • Transportation & Storage:  Guidelines for the safe transportation and storage of the battery products, ensuring longevity and compliance with regulations.
  • Battery Service:  Comprehensive training on servicing and maintenance procedures to maximize product life and performance.
  • Diagnostic Software:  Introduction to the diagnostic tools and software for troubleshooting and ensuring the battery’s optimal performance.
  • iBMS Software:  Training on the iBMS software, designed to manage and monitor battery systems efficiently.

This training program not only signifies our dedication to empowering our customers but also strengthens our position as a leader in the energy sector. By equipping our clients with the knowledge and tools necessary to excel, we are setting new standards for success and innovation.

We extend our gratitude to Chris Roberts and Eric Fowler for their leadership and expertise throughout the training.